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Fast Delivery of Goods
Games Kharido Lite guarantees that all of your purchases on Game Gift Cards, Direct Game Top-up, and Mobile Top Up will be delivered within 0 to 30 minutes. We want our customers to enjoy a seamless gaming experience instead of waiting for your product to arrive.
Safe & Secure Reload Service
Every reloads in Games kharido Lite is safe and secure, we are the official reseller of the games, gift cards, and in-game credits. This means that all our product is sold with the full support of the game developer or publisher. Nobody likes broken CD Keys and you will not get counterfeit products here. Every product comes directly from the developer, publisher, or distributor. By purchasing from us, you can also support the developer and publisher that created the game.
Trusted and Reliable
Every product that was ordered will be delivered to you within our promised timeframe. All Gift Cards, Game Direct Top-Up, Mobile Top Up are sold by the official game developers, game publishers, or distributors, you will not get any counterfeit products by purchasing in Games kharido Lite. Games Kharido Lite is your trusted and reliable partner while it comes to online game gift cards, game top-up, mobile top-up, and other purchases.
24 / 7 Customer Support
Yes, you did not see it wrongly, we don’t sleep.Games kharido Lite offers 24/7 live chat support to ensure all of the questions or inquiries are not missed and handled effectively. If there is any question and help you require when purchasing the product, one of our professionally trained agents will definitely attend to you!


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